1. The hirer must hold a current and unrestricted Australian driver’s licence.
  2. The hirer must be over the age of 25years.
  3. Prior to pick up of the camper trailer, Big Sky Camper Hire requires an identification check. As a minimum this shall include a current Australian driver’s licence with photo identification, as well as a credit / debit card.
  4. Prior to hiring a camper trailer and entering into a hire agreement with Big Sky Camper Hire, the hirer must confirm that they
    1. have not been refused motor vehicle insurance in the past 2 years; and
    2. do not have any traffic related criminal convictions that may affect their insurance eligibility.
  5. The vehicle to be used as the tow vehicle for the duration of the hire period must have current registration. A copy is to be provided to Big Sky Camper Hire prior to collection of the camper trailer.
  6. The hirer shall provide details to Big Sky Camper Hire about their vehicle’s towing capacity. Should the vehicle be unsuitable, Big Sky Camper Hire reserves the right to refuse hire of the camper trailer. Should the tow vehicle change between booking and collection, it is the responsibility of the hirer to advise Big Sky Camper Hire of the change and ensure the alternative vehicle is suitable. Should Big Sky Camper Hire not be notified and refusal to hire occurs at collection due to unsuitable tow vehicle, the hirer shall forfeit the deposit amount.
  7. Ensure that the tow vehicle is capable of towing the required weight of 1500kg.
  8. Our trailers use an off-road coupling, (supplied), please ensure that the tow ball has been removed, but kept in vehicle prior to collection. Also ensure that the electrics, including your 12V outlet in the front of the vehicle are in good working order.
  9. Big Sky Camper Hire reserves the right to refuse hire of the camper trailers should the towing vehicle be deemed unsuitable or unsafe for the proposed hire.
  10. All Big Sky Camper Hire camper trailers are fitted with electric brakes. An electric brake unit is fitted to all campers so it is not a necessity for the tow vehicle to have one. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the electric brake control unit is working correctly throughout the duration of the hire.


  1. A minimum holding deposit of 50% of the total hire charge is to be paid by the hirer at time of booking.
  2. Bookings will not be confirmed until the deposit has been received by Big Sky Camper Hire. Upon receipt of deposit, Big Sky Camper Hire will confirm booking in writing.
  3. Big Sky Camper Hire will accept direct bank deposit as well as debit and credit cards for deposits.
  4. The remaining hire charge shall be paid to Big Sky Camper Hire at time of pickup. Also, the security bond will be paid at this time.
  5. Should either the holding deposit or the remaining payments not be received in a timely manner as outlined in our confirmation email and in accordance with the terms and conditions, Big Sky Camper Hire reserve the right to cancel the booking. Should the booking be cancelled by Big Sky Camper Hire due to late or non payment, any deposits already received shall be forfeited by the hirer.
  6. A security bond is to be paid to Big Sky Camper Hire together with the remaining hire charge, at the time of collection. The camper trailer and/or accessories shall not be released from Big Sky Camper Hire’s premises without the security bond being paid.
  7. The Security Bond for camper trailers shall be no less than $500.
  8. The Security Bond for any accessories shall be added to the camper bond
  9. Big Sky Camper Hire will refund the security deposit to the hirer within 7 days after the return of the camper trailer and/or accessories. Should there be a need for Big Sky Camper Hire to withhold some or all of the security deposit, we will advise the hirer and provide an itemised breakdown of the charges incurred.
  10. The hirer shall agree to the above payment terms. Failure to comply with the above payment terms will result in a cancelation of the hire agreement and a forfeit of any deposit already paid to Big Sky Camper Hire.
  11. Late returns shall incur an additional daily charge rate equivalent to the equipment listed on the hire form. For late return exceeding a full day, refer to section 4.4 for penalties.


  1. Once a booking has been confirmed by way of deposit paid, should the hirer wish to cancel the booking, written notification must be given to Big Sky Camper Hire as outlined below. Refund of the deposit shall incur a $100 cancellation fee in addition to:
    1. 28 or greater days written notice; deposits refunded in full less cancellation fee.
    2. Between 27 days and 14 days’ notice, 50% deposit refunded less cancellation fee.
    3. Less than 14 days, no deposit refunded.
    4. Early return of camper trailers or accessories for any reason whatsoever will not entitle you to a refund of any kind.
  2. Should you wish to re-book for another time (within 3 months of original booking) we will credit that booking with amount already paid, however cancellations will not be offered a refund outside of the above terms and conditions.


  1. ​If the hirer wishes to extend the rental hire during the hire period, approval must be sought from Big Sky Camper Hire no less than 3 days before agreed return date.
  2. Rental extensions are subject to availability and therefore we cannot guarantee that your request will be approved.
  3. Any approved extension shall be charged at the same daily rate as the original rental agreement and the amount is to be paid in full immediately upon approval being granted via credit card.
  4. Should the hirer not return the camper trailer or any associated accessories on the agreed return date, a fee of $250 per day or part thereof until the camper trailer or accessories are returned.


  1. ​Smoking of any kind is not permitted inside the camper trailer, under any associated annexes/awnings or gazebos. Any odour of smoke within the camper upon return will result in the complete loss of the security deposit.
  2. When camping in proximity to an open campfire, ensure that there is a suitable distance between any open flames and the camper trailer, and ensure that the camper trailer is fully closed to avoid smoke entering the camper trailer. Excessive odours within the camper trailer may result in a cleaning fee being deducted from the security deposit.
  3. Pets of any kind are not permitted within camper trailers hired by Big Sky Camper Hire
  4. The hirer and any additional drivers are to be identified on the hire agreement prior to departure. No additional drivers are permitted after time of departure without prior agreement from Big Sky Camper Hire.
  5. The hirer shall not sub-lease or lend the camper trailer or any associated accessories provided by Big Sky Camper Hire to any other persons other than those named on the hire agreement.
  6. The hirer shall accept full responsibility for the camper trailer and any associated accessories supplied for the entire duration of the hire agreement.
  7. The hirer shall ensure that towing of the camper trailer is done so in accordance with relevant state and territory regulations.
  8. Towing of the camper trailer shall be restricted to areas that are accessible by the tow vehicle, and not in breach of any state or territory laws that may restrict access to those areas. A safe towing policy should be adopted for off road conditions. Any damage as a result of using the camper trailer is the responsibility of the hirer.
  9. Towing of the camper trailer through salt water, river crossings, (above axle height), flooded water or swollen creeks is strictly prohibited.
  10. Roads having excessive corrugations (Gibb River Road, Tanami Road etc) are to be avoided. Any damage resulting from use of the camper trailer on these or any excessively corrugated roads shall be the responsibility of the hirer and will result in the complete loss of the security deposit.
  11. The hirer is responsible for checking of local weather conditions. Big Sky Camper Hire’s camper trailers are not to be taken into areas that have or are expecting cyclone conditions during the hire period.
  12. No person named or otherwise shall tow the camper trailer whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  13. The main named hirer shall be fully responsible for the payment of any infringements incurred during the hire period.
  14. Big Sky Camper Hire takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings.
  15. Big Sky Camper Hire recommends that you have sufficient travel insurance cover to cover the cost of unforeseen issues preventing you from hiring the camper trailer or accessories.


  1. ​The hirer is responsible for ensuring they have sufficient roadside assistance cover to enable the camper trailer to be taken to nearest repair centre
  2. Big Sky Camper Hire will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the hirer in the event of a breakdown.
  3. The hirer should at their earliest convenience (within 24hrs) advise Big Sky Camper Hire of any breakdown or accident.
  4. Should an accident occur which involves the hire vehicle; it is the hirer’s responsibility to report the accident to the nearest police station.
  5. It is the responsibility of the hirer, at the scene of the accident to obtain the following information from any other party involved:
    1. The names, addresses and insurance details of any other drivers involved
    2. The make, colour, model and registration number of any other car involved
    3. The names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident
    4. Notes of your conversations with other people at the scene
    5. A sketch of the scene including the street names and suburb
    6. Time and date of the accident, road and weather conditions.
    7. If you have a camera Big Sky Camper Hire strongly recommend taking photos of the property damage at the scene.
    8. Do not admit that the accident was your fault or offer to pay the cost of any damage before getting legal advice.


  1. ​Any damage to the hire vehicle and or accessories whilst in possession of the hirer shall be recouped by Big Sky Camper Hire through use of the security deposit or part thereof.
  2. Should the total cost of repairs exceed the security deposit, the hirer shall be held liable for any additional and reasonable costs associated with repairs.
  3. Any damage to tyres and/or rims of the camper trailer is the responsibility of the hirer. Should a tyre puncture, blow or shred they must be replaced by the hirer at their own expense with the correct load and size rated tyre as the original. Alternative but equal are allowed, but no re-treads.
  4. Big Sky Camper Hire recommends that your travel insurance has suitable cover for personal items.
  5. Any items supplied by Big Sky Camper Hire that are found to be broken, missing or lost will be deducted from the hirers security deposit at a like for like replacement cost.
  6. The hirer is not to alter, modify or tamper in any way any item supplied by Big Sky Camper Hire.
  7. Big Sky Camper Hire recommends that any annexes/gazebos are suitably secured or taken down when in high wind conditions or when the camper trailer is left unattended.
  8. Big Sky Camper Hire will reimburse the hirer up to $50 without authority for the purchase of items such as bulbs/globes that require replacement to ensure the safety of the hire vehicle. Receipts must be produced upon return for reimbursement. Any items above $50 will require prior approval from Big Sky Camper Hire.
  9. The camper trailer shall be returned in a clean and tidy condition (as supplied) with all accessories cleaned.
  10. CLEAN UPON RETURN POLICY: Any cleaning required by Big Sky Camper Hire will incur a minimum cleaning charge of $75 for an external clean and an additional $75 for an internal clean; this will be deducted from the bond.​ Additional charges may be required depending on condition of equipment; this will be discussed if required on an individual basis.


  1. ​The hirer uses the hire vehicle and any associated accessories at their own risk at all times and releases Big Sky Camper Hire, its employees and agents from any liability.
  2. The hirer hereby indemnifies and shall keep indemnified Big Sky Camper Hire, its employees and agents against claims, demands and expenses (including legal costs) incurred or sustained by the hirers use and/or possession of the camper trailer or any associated accessories.


  1. ​Accessories. This includes any additional accessories supplied with the camper trailer by the owner as part of the package, or additional accessories supplied as listed on the hire form.
  2. Hire Agreement Is the combination of both these terms and conditions along with the hire form
  3. Hire Form Is the form that is to be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions which outlines the items being hired, payment information and agreed hire duration.
  4. Hirer Is the person accepting responsibility for the hire agreement and additional hirers outlined on the hire form